Classroom Driver's Education: No requirements. All materials provided. Students must successfully complete 30 hour course in order to be eligible for the Teen or Adult Behind the Wheel course. Students will receive an official classroom driver's education certificate upon completion. Cost: $200. Payment due by Tuesday, Sept. 11th.

Teen Behind the Wheel:  7 day course consisting of 50 minutes of driving and 50 minutes of observation. Driving test given on the 7th day. Must be taken with a partner, which can be selected by students or assigned by the instructor. Students and parents will be notified in class and via email of the Teen BTW schedule that is anticipated to begin the last week in October/first week in November. Additional dates available for students who need more time will be offered on an as-needed basis. Cost: $200. Payment due by Oct. 19th. 

Course Curriculum: Driving instruction is based on the latest edition of the Virginia Driver Education and Safety (VADETS) curriculum. Students will learn residential, city and highway driving. Course includes defensive driving techniques, right of way rules, lane positions, and parking (perpendicular, parallel, and angled). 

Requirements:  Students must have: 1) Valid learner's permit, which can be obtained once students are 15 yrs and 6 months from the DMV. 2) Completion of classroom driver's ed (see above). 3) 45 hours of driving experience. Students may take the course when all three requirements have been met; however, students must also hold their permit for 9 months before their driver's license is valid. 

**Optional private lessons available for students seeking extra practice. Does not take the place of Teen BTW, but does count towards the required 45 hours** See Private Lessons.

Classroom Registration: Please complete and return the Registration Form to your classroom instructor for Classroom Driver's Ed. 

Teen Behind the Wheel Registration: To be submitted online under the Register tab once the schedule has been made and distributed.

Payment Options: Checks made out to PERSEPTIONS Driving School can be dropped off at the office or payment may be made by credit/debit/Paypal below. 

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